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Playdough Recipes

Your children can not only have fun playing with playdough but also get into making it!

Hand's On Play

Is your child more of a "hands on" kind of personality? Sitting back and watching just doesn't cut it? Then, check this out - this is a get dirty hands on play idea.

Stick It To Em!

This is a fun activity that can turn into a great craft project.

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Things to do with kids

  1. Paint with roll on deodorant bottles.

  2. Make cool-aid playdough.

  3. Take a nature hike with box tape on their waste to collect things. Turn this hike into a craft project.

  4. Shaving cream painting on waxed or slick paper.

  5. Visit a Dairy. Enjoy the farm after your visit check out these farm toy sets.

  6. Design an insect box with rock furniture-dirt or grass and add worms, or potato bugs.

  7. Make fingerprint animals, insects, butterfly’s and also stamp with stampers.

  8. Fill about 1/3 of a ziplock with finger paint and shaving cream.  You can squish together and draw letters or numbers on the ziplock without getting paint on you.

  9. Take apart old phones and other electronics from a garage sale or local thrift store. Get your little "handy man" their own tool set.

  10. Baker’s Clay:  Mix 2 cups white flour and ½ cup table salt in a bowl.  Add ½ cup water and stir a few minutes.  Slowly add ¼ cup water while turning dough in bowl.  Form dough into a ball and work in any remaining dry flour and salt.  Knead 5 minutes.  Use water to join pieces together.  Bake at 250 deg. for 15-20 minutes.  Dough can be painted with acrylic paint and finished with clear lacquer. Check out these other play dough recipes.

  11. Have a bean bag throwing contest.

  12. Play bowling with 2-liter bottles- put a little water in the bottom of each one and use a soccer ball to knock them down. Here are some other cool bowling sets.

  13. Make a bird feeder from peanut butter and birdseed on a pinecone and hang it where you can sit back and enjoy the show.

  14. Play musical chairs.

  15. Do a neighbor car wash or lemonade stand.

  16. Make modern glue art by forming designs on waxed paper with white glue.  Dry till clear.  Carefully peel dried glue off paper.  Color with felt markers. Tie with string and hang from a window.  Make a circle and glue waxed paper behind for a stained glass look.

  17. Create pictures by pressing assorted lengths of yarn on course sand paper.  You can pull it off and start over.

  18. Go fishing.

  19. Make a fort from large boxes from an appliance store.

  20. Make a box with a circle in the middle and use wet sponges hitting the child inside, or use whipped cream on a sponge.

  21. Make a stage with curtain hanging. Grab your microphone and "lights, camera, action"!

  22. Make crazy putty.  Mix equal parts of white glue and liquid starch.  Knead to desired consistency.  It stretches, snaps and bounces. Check out these other recipes.

  23. Make pottery clay:  Medium pan.  Mix 1 cup cornstarch and 2 cups cold water and stir over med heat till mixture has the consistency of mashed potatoes.  Remove from pan, cover with damp cloth till cool enough to knead.  Store in tight container.  Dry at room temperature for three days.

  24. Make chalk drawings and play chalk games.

  25. Visit a newspaper office.

  26. Walk to 7-11 to get a slurpy

  27. Make paper airplanes and fly them. Have a contest to see who's flies the furtherest or who's flies the longest.

  28. Go to garage sales and give kids 3.00 to spend.

  29. Make Icecream sundaes: Add crushed oreos, candies, syrup, jams, choc chips.

  30. Do blow straw painting. Have a different straw for each paint color.  Dip straw in paint and blow onto paper.

  31. Make Goop.  1 part water/1 part cornstarch.  Add food coloring if you want. Check out these other recipes

  32. Play Volleyball with large balloons.

  33. Design stained glass windows.  Shave crayon’s onto waxed paper in a pattern.  Cover with a second sheet and place inside a folded newspaper.  Iron on low heat till colors melt

  34. Play soccer in park.

  35. Do a jigsaw puzzle.

  36. Play horseshoes.

  37. Have a penny toss using masking tape at different levels.

  38. Tape your voice on a recorder.

  39. Bake cookies or brownies

  40. Get an old white t-shirt at a good will and tye dye.  Gather small wad of t-shirt in your hand then tightly wrap rubber band around fabric.  Repeat this all over the shirt.  Follow directions carefully on the fabric dye package.  After shirt is dyed, cut off rubber bands.

  41. Fly kites on the beach or at the park. If you have older children consider making your own kite and then give it a try!

  42. Go berry picking or apple picking

  43. Play board games/or card games

  44. Visit a children’s museum

  45. Make popcorn and watch a movie

  46. Use a slide projector & draw your silhouette or do hand puppets.

  47. Play with bubbles and use many different wands. You can have fun making your own bubbles.

  48. Sand and water table play.  Make a large mountain of dirt.  Add dinosaurs or small plastic animals

  49. Play red light-Green light.

  50. Get a small bin and put rice in it. get out some containers to sort and measure the rice.

  51. Take a trip to the Zoo, and have a picnic lunch.

  52. Go roller skating at your local

  53. Go roller skating at your local r oller Rink.

  54. Go swimming

  55. Create your own slide show!  Use old exposed slides that you no longer want.  Rub off the photograph on the slide with a cotton swab dipped in household bleach.  Keep rubbing.  Draw little pictures on the slide with color marker pens. Get you projecter out and have you own custom slide show.

  56. Water Balloon toss

  57. Play "undercover spy's" or "CSI investigator". This is for the older kids.