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Kids Arts & Crafts Books

Little kid Crafts For All Seasons
Little Kid Crafts For All Seasons

Packed with over 200 pages of craft projects

Kids Party Crafts

Kids Party Crafts

Holiday door hanger crayon drawn shirts Magic wand pencil Silly paper bag hat,Tissue box picture frame

Creative Art Ideas For Kids

Preschool activities: creative and educational art ideas for kids parents and childcare givers

Easy Face Painting

Easy Face Painting

Over 50 Simple designs with 7 bonus reports

Child Crafts | Articles | Arts & Craft Projects

Mom I'm Bored ! What can we do?

I bet you've heard those familiar words! As a mom and daycare provider, I had to keep the kids busy or we would all go crazy! I would look at all the toys I had accumulated, (new and used) and wonder how in the world could they be bored.

I realized kids need more than just toys, but some "creative" play too. So, I would scour the library on craft books, ask friends, and other daycare providers. I spent "many" hours and months collecting ideas.

365 Easy Step-by-step Kids Crafts will save you all that time by offering a great resource to have at your fingertips! Get an "inside" look in more detail!

This book will be sent to you by e-mail. You can be creating a great craft project in minutes. Let's get started!

When you order 365 Easy Step-by-step Kids Crafts you will get these 2 bonus books!

365 Days of Baby Love

Playing, Growing and Exploring with Babies From Birth to Age 2

365 Days of Baby Love

This book has great art, crafts and games for very young children. Here are just a few of the catigories:

365 Days of Baby Love: Playing, Growing and Exploring with Babies from Birth to Age 2 by Sheila Ellison


Summertime Craft Ideas

Sleepover Party Crafts

A Mom's Fascination With Face Painting

Fun with Foamies

Face Painting Is Gaining Popularity For Parties And Events

Entertaining Youngsters With Classic Toys-Play Doh

(Check out these play doh recipes!)

Why Creativity and Self-Expression are Important to Little Kids

Children's Game and Craft Day

Fabulous Crafts and Games for Your Princess Party

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