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The “ Box"
A door to your Child's imagination

By Jody DeRosso                                                   

You may want to think twice before throwing away that box. The Box was Voted as the #1 BEST toy in 2005 by the “National Toy Hall Of Fame”! Remember your Child's last birthday. You spent so much time picking out that perfect gift, only to be disappointed to find out that your child would rather play with the box than the gift.

To your child, a box is full of endless possibilities. They can be an “astronaut” in his own spaceship or a “princess” in her castle. A large box can be a house, store, post office, fort- the ideas are endless!

Boxes are free, and with your help kid’s can be as creative as they like, painting them, adding windows, doors etc. You can find Free boxes of ALL sizes at an appliance store, or warehouse. They are usually happy to give them to you. When it’s been used to it’s capacity, you just “recycle” it and get a new one.

My boys love to make long dark “tunnels” going different directions chasing each other with flashlights. Add a pillow, blanket, night light and you have the perfect "cave" for your kid's to have their nap.

Are you ready? Go get that box and watch your children enter into a wonderful world of imagination.

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About The Author

Jody DeRosso is a mother of 2 grown boys. She owned and operated a daycare for 12 years. Her ideas come from a love for children and experiences in teaching over the years. You can check out other ideas and tips on her web site child-resources.com.