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Let's Read!

by Jody DeRosso

Now is the time to get your children interested

in reading. You can go to the library and get stacks of books. Kids love to cuddle with you and listen as you read.

You can take these special times as an opportunity to teach them about life such as getting along with friends or situations like lying, sharing, or stealing etc.

My local library began to get very creative and started to incorporate books and activities such as DVDs' and puzzles or musical instruments and little people sets etc, that related with the set of books. This made reading time much more interesting and fun, and they could play on after the storytime.

These bags are becoming more and more popular and are called "Theme Bags" or "Book Bags".

About The Author

Jody DeRosso is a mother of 2 grown boys. She owned and operated a daycare for 12 years. Her ideas come from a love for children and experiences in teaching over the years. You can check out other ideas and tips on her web site child-resources.com.

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