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Household Chores

Age Appropriate Chores

Dads, Give Them Household Chores

Recommended Reading

Packed with firsthand tips from the author's years of cleaning with three kids (now ages 3 through 13), Mrs. Clean Jeans' Housekeeping with kids is the ultimate household help book

401 Ways To Get Your Kids To Work At Home is an essential book for busy parents who would like to get their kids to share the housework and who would like a systematic program to ensure that their kids know all the basic living skills by the time they leave home at age eighteen.

The Everything Kids' Money Book: From Saving to Spending to Investing - Learn All About Money!

Parenting | Kids Jobs & Money Articles

Kid’s Job’s 

Does your child have what it takes?

Let's get to work!

For more detail on how-to run each business, what to charge, how to figure profits, contracts, and websites to help you with each business etc..

Check out “Jobs For Kids” by Jeanne Kiefer

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