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Field Trip Ideas

Field trips don't need to be some flashy or expensive event. Your child's imagination and excitement can be easily satisfied by simple and often free field trips. Here are a few ideas for you to try:

Fire Department

Call your local fire station and see if you can set up a time to come in for a tour. If they don't do individual tours ask them when they have a scheduled group tour, and see if you and your children can join them.

This is a great time to teach your children about fire safety and house escape plans etc.

Fire stations often have great gifts for your kids like red plastic fire hats or badge stickers.

To prepare you child for their visit or to make this experience be something that will last for days to come, check out these great items.

Fire Station Books | Fire Truck Toys | Fire Station Play Sets


The zoo is a great place for your children to see and hear all those animals you have been reading about. Make sure you visit the petting zoo so everyone can touch and feed the animals.

Keep your Child's interests in mind when you plan your visit. Most kids do not have the attention span or energy to see the WHOLE thing! So plan to see only 3 - 4 exhibits that you know would be a thrill for your kids. Break up your trip with a picnic lunch on the lawn.

Safety Tips:
When you go to the zoo with small children, have them wear bright red shirts, or fluorescent green so you can keep track of them easily.  Have good adult-child ratio usually 1 adult 2 kids.  Hire a teenager if you need to. 

Tape the child’s contact information, not his/her name, on his shirt or around his/her neck or wrist in case he/she get’s lost.  Bring a cell phone, and list it on the info.  Bring a backpack loaded with snacks and water. And don't forget the sun screen!

Remember to use the restroom before you go explore!

Before you go on your Zoo field trip take some time and check out these sites.

National Zoo (activity sheet printouts)

Zoo Animal Check List

Lions and Tigers and Zebras – Oh My
Spend a Fun Day at the Zoo
When was the last time you took your kids to the zoo? Do you remember how much fun they had, and do you remember how much you enjoyed watching their faces light up when they watched the penguins...

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Children’s Museum

Kid’s museum’s are packed with creative play stations, and a lot of hands-on messy play areas. There are fire trucks to climb on, stores to stock and shop at, you can be a DJ or build a block house, play in the water and sand box.

Every towns museum is a little bit different in what it offers, but they generally are more of a learning and hands-on environment rather than an indoor park that has riding toys and play structures. It may cost a bit but it will be worth it.

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Indoor Park

When our kids were young we lived in the northwest where it rained much of the winter. The indoor park was a God send to us. We spent many afternoons running and playing.

Most communities have indoor parks but they can vary in size and toys and play structures. They often have miniature cars, riding toys, matts, balls, etc… if your community doesn't have an indoor park consider getting together with a few of your fellow mom's and start your own.

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City Park

Bring some day-old bread to the park and feed the ducks, fly a kite, or kick a ball around.  They have great playgrounds also, and you can meet other parents.

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Backyard Picnic

Get a large blanket and spread it in your backyard and add a big picnic basket full of food.  This is relaxing to do on a warm day and afterwards, you can lay on the blanket and read some good kid’s books from the library. Many libraries have bookbags filled with books, puzzles and a toys on specific subject themes and activities.

For the more energetic kids, backyard games such as ring toss, red light-green-light, hot potato, and many more can be a lot of fun.

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Icecream Store

There’s nothing better than a cold icecream on a hot summer day!  You can go to a McDonald’s, or icecream shop and get a cone, and then play on the playground.

Better yet, you can get an icecream maker and make your own. You can use any seasonal fruit such as strawberries and blue berries for flavors or my favorite, peanut butter! Your children will have a blast mixing up the recipe.

What a great opportunity to teach your kids about measuring and mixing etc. Remember, save some for me!

Ice Cream Makers | Toys & Ice Cream Parlor Kits

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City Water Fountain

Most cities have a public fountain that sprays water and kid’s can run through it.  Bring some dry clothes and have a blast.

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If you live in an area that still has a few farms around it would be worth your while to call a few and see if they allow your family to visit. The farms that my kids loved the most had animals.

You can check out an alpaca ranch or a horse stable. A local dairy farm was my children's favorite. It had horses, pigs, goats, ducks, chickens and yes, cows. Feeding and petting the calfs were on the top of their list, but they could be persuaded to break away if they could help with the milking.

Thanksgiving and Christmas times are a great time to plan your visit. Many farms are ready for your children with petting zoos, hay mazes, cider tasting, pumpkin patches and hay rides.

Farm Visit DVD's | Farm Puzzles & Games | Farm Riding Toys | Toys & Play Sets

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Pet Store

Go to the pet store and look at the animals, and some you can hold and play with if they give you permission. Most stores will allow you to bring your dog or cat with you.

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Library Story Time

Many libraries have a story time hour.  Many times they will incorporate a craft time afterwards that goes along with the story.


Check and see if your library has "theme" book bags. Many libraries have a wide selection of these "Theme Bags" that come with books, musical instuments, toys, puzzles, DVD's etc. that all center around a specific theme. I used these alot in my home daycare as fun group activities.

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Indoor Mall play area

Many malls are adding play areas inside.  Take the kid’s to play and treat them to an icecream, or candy afterwards.  This is good to do on those rainy days and when you need to get out of the heat.

If you can't make it to the mall your kids will love this play set. So much to do, all in one super city block! Shop at the department store and flower shop, and then enjoy a yummy lunch at the pizza parlor. Head over to the gym for a workout or to the day spa for some special pampering. Catch up on e-mail over a mocha la

Shopping Mall Playset

Cha-ching! This electronic, talking shopping-spree game is filled with sales, clearances and fun! Whip out your ATM and credit cards and shop till you drop, as the mall announcer directs gameplay. The first shopper who buys 6 items and gets to her destination wins!

Mall Madness Board Game

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Swimming Pool

Is there a better place to go to cool off when it's a hot and sticky summer day then the local swimming pool? Do your children know how to swim? Well if you are not up for the challenge then check out the swimming pool or YMCA. Most have age appropriate lessons you can sign them up for.

Not only can your kids have a great time playing and staying cool, you can take this opportunity to teach them about water safety, stranger safety etc. Swimming Safety Assessories from earplugs and goggles to floaties.

Be brave and jump in!

Playmobil Swimming Pool

Check out fun games for the pool.
Swimming Pool Games

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