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Here is a great way to protect your family while they are using the Internet. It protects everyone (kids & parents), is tamper-proof, and you can install it in a couple of minutes and then just forget it is there while it does its job.

Supreme Spy

Discover the most affordable spy software download solution to secretly monitor computer activity including capturing keystrokes, programs, websites and screenshots!

Supreme Spy!

PC Tattletale

As a parent, you have to ask yourself: "Is my child safe when they're online?" Don't bet on it.

PC Tattletale!

Content Purity

Content Cleaner will allow you to both scan, clean, remove and delete porn files from your computer hard drive safely!

Content Purity!

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The Real Dangers to Kids Online and How to Avoid Them: Top 5 Internet Safety Tips

The Real Dangers to Kids Online and How to Avoid Them

Did you know

Parents' biggest concern about the Internet used to be pornography, but there is definitely a greater fear today.

You have probably taught your child not to talk to strangers, and in many situations, they would remember this. But the Internet is different.

Due to the Internet's anonymity, strangers are talking to children all the time. They try to gain the child's trust by having friendly conversation at first, but over time, their true objective of sexually soliciting the child becomes evident. Children and parents alike are unaware of this, yet this is exactly what is going on via the Internet.

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