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Stick It To Em!

By Jody DeRosso

Kid’s love going on Nature walks and “collecting” things, whether it’s to the park or just in their own neighborhood.

The next time you are out with your children try this idea, I think everyone will find this to be a lot of fun. Wrap packaging tape (sticky side out) around each Child's wrist and waist. As the kid’s find their “treasures” they can stick them onto the tape.

Later, you can cut the belt and bracelet, then take some time and look at all the item’s everyone found.  This is especially fun in autumn when all the colorful leaves are fallen.

Now it's time to take these "treasures" and make them into some wonderful crafts.

Science Crafts

About The Author

Jody DeRosso is a mother of 2 grown boys. She owned and operated a daycare for 12 years. Her ideas come from a love for children and experiences in teaching over the years. You can check out other ideas and tips on her web site child-resources.com.