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Teaching Kids to Value Books and Reading

 by: Connie Leyendi

Joys and Importance of Reading

Recent research indicates that seventy percent of high school graduates are unable to read at the twelfth grade level. In many cases, reading is subordinated to other actvities in children's lives. Is that what you want for your child? If not, get your kids interested in books at an early age.

Your voice is your baby's most beloved sound. Take advantage of your baby's natural inclination to focus on the sound of your voice and read aloud to him. When your baby fatigues or becomes distracted by other stimuli, stop reading and resume at a time when you and your child are ready to return to it. Preschool children whose parents read aloud to them an average of twenty minutes daily scored significantly higher on assignments and tests in school. Create the habit of read-aloud time with your baby now, and he will likely beg you for that time when he is old enough to do so!

Create pleasant associations with reading time for your child. Fix her a favorite snack or beverage to enjoy while listening to you or while the two of you listen to a recorded story. Make reading time a pleasant escape for both you and she eagerly anticipate.

Later, when kids enter elementary school, consider offering incentives or rewards for reading books. You might want to pay a penny a page, or provide extra time on the computer for reading a certain number of pages each day. Be sure to quiz your child about the books that are read to be sure the books were both completed and understood.

Show your children the value of reading in your own life. Put fun magazines (for both you and your children) out where the children can see and examine them. Check out classic literature from the local library and allow your children to see the enjoyment you get from reading it. Ever hear the expression, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree?" Children whose parents value and enjoy reading tend to value and enjoy reading, too.

Keep a good supply of wholesome literature around the house. You can buy it cheaply at yard sales or thrift shops. Don’t be afraid to restrict television or computer time. Lacking these options, your children may be more apt to pick up a tale of excitement or adventure and soon develop their own love for the written word.

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