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Healthy Kids Snack Ideas

By: Angela Tyler

Kids love snacks. After school, in the late evening, or just about
anytime, kids want snacks. You may be struggling with snack ideas for
your kids that are healthy and inexpensive.

Here is a list of the unhealthiest and healthiest snacks you can give
your kids.

Bad Food Choices
Some of the worst snack food choices for kids are packed cookies such as
Oreo and Chips Ahoy, any type of candy bar, Club crackers and pasteurized
cheese spread, snack cakes like Hostess and Little Debbie, and high sugar
drinks such as soft drinks and whole or 2% chocolate milk. While these
types of snack are convenient and very much in demand, your kids get no
nutrition whatsoever from them and you are basically spending money to
fill your kids full of sugar. Kids gain nothing from consuming large
amounts of sugar except a sudden rush of energy that wears off and leaves
them cranky and a bad habit that can endure for a lifetime.

Heathier Choices
Some of the healthier choices for kid's snacks are unsweetened
applesauce, bottled water, fruit cups or snacks, raisins and other dried
fruits, granola bars, low fat or fat free milk, and pure fruit juice.

Meat and Cheese: Low fat lunchmeats such as chicken, turkey, and ham make
fun snacks when rolled around a small slice of cheese or on whole wheat
bread, cut into finger size sandwiches. Cheese and low fat or fat free
crackers served with low-sodium pickles are favorites as well as turkey
hot dogs with mustard.

Fresh fruit: Kids love fresh fruit peeled and sliced into bits size
pieces with some low-fat yogurt on the side for dipping. Peanut butter
sandwiches on whole wheat bread with a little sugar free jelly are great
ideas for a healthy snack that your kids will enjoy.

Fresh veggies: Fresh vegetables cut into bite size chunks with some low
fat salad dressing are fun snacks that your kids will love and not even
notice that they are healthy.

Finding healthy snacks that your kids will actually eat is not
impossible. Give your kids healthy choices and arrange the various food
items in a fun, colorful way on their plates as extra incentive to enjoy
the healthy foods.

Childhood obesity is a major problem in our society. Make sure your kids
eat healthy, fun snacks that give them some nutritional benefits and set
an example of healthy eating from a young age.

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