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What's an E-Book?

What's an ebook?
eBooks are the same as print books, only the binding is different. Whereas print books are made of paper and glue, eBooks are composed of bits and bytes (electronic files). eBooks offer another opportunity for people to read amazing books.

How do I read an ebook?
EBooks come in electronic formats that can be downloaded over the internet and read from your computer, a laptop, a dedicated reading device, or printed out on paper. There are several free ebook readers available to read ebooks on your computer monitor. The handheld devices can be purchased either via the internet or through your local computer shop.
Some dedicated readers have a back light and the font size can be increased, so this makes ebooks particularly attractive to the visually impaired. Another advantage to ebooks is that they are fresh and original works that readers often cannot find in a bookstore. And no trees have been felled to produce them! eBooks also take up less space and don't need to be dusted!

How do I purchase and ebook?
Once your credit card order is approved, you are shown how to download the file. Start the download as directed and the e-book is printed on your printer! That's all there is to it. No waiting for mail, UPS, or any other type of delivery. Your e-book is in your hands within minutes of placing your order.

Adobe Reader
Most ebooks are in a PDF formatted file. You will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You can download the free software here.